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Make Portable version

mykee, 20.09.2012, 08:27
Response from the site administrator
HDDSoftware, 21.09.2012
Portable installation was disabled in GOATD build in order to improve compatibility. Portable installation is available in official builds from hhdsoftware.com.
Idea status: rejected


Alexander, 20.09.2012, 13:08
There IS an option to make a portable version. Although the portable version is not available directly from the manufacturer, everyone (running Windows Vista or later) may make one. Just select the "Portable" mode in the installer and it will produce a simple folder which may be copied (even on to XP) and launched without installation.

I don't know if this option is available in Giveaway of the Day build though.
kin0seC, 20.09.2012, 13:55
It already has a parameter switch in the config.ini of the setup file (just unpack it with WinRAR), change {NoPortable=true} to {NoPortable=false} and save it. That makes portable install possible (you can choose it now directly from the installer menu).

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